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Founder and creator of Ink-N-Oil

I have been an artist since 1986, born and raised in Miami, Florida, dabbling in any and all art forms I could get my hands into. I have a BSA in computer animation and have over 15yrs of experience making games, sculptures, characters and endless 3D assets accompanied by 2D painting that has led the way to my childhood passion, TATTOOS!

Afraid of needles and a Mother who dislikes tattoos, I didn’t find my way into tattooing until 9 years ago when I met my mentor while getting my ribs tattooed. From then on I was hooked and a hobby became a passion, that grew into a career. I am honored to be able to share my art with my clients for a lifetime and grateful for the path is has taken me. 

Along with my passion for art has been cars and anything with wheels! I want to combine my two passions in a new and exciting way that has never been done before, and along the way, create opportunities to give back to those who need it most and promote positivity in the community. 

Guest Artist: Hannah 

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